It’s Trustee Area Redistricting Time!

Are you ready for Redistricting your Trustee Areas? We are here to help. Current population counts, proposed boundary scenarios with population and ethnicity counts, PDF maps, reports and final boundary descriptions. All based on 2020 Census Redistricting Data (P.L. 94-171). Just give us a call or email us at


As of November 1, 2021 we will have a new mailing address.  It is 8175 Limonite Ave., Suite A  Jurupa Valley, CA 92509.
For inquiries, please call us (951)328-1090 or

Facility Management

FAM – Facility Asset Manager©

• Organization Site Information
• Organizational Chart
• Contacts – Staff and Vendor
• Track assets
• Boundary and location maps

TractMap Manager©

• Archive/store Parcel and Tract Images
• Reports
• Developer Fee Collection
• Boundary and location maps

Student Data Maintenance

Web School Data Search©

• Validate student addressing from District Student System
• Error and data reports
• Student, School, Study Area search
• Radius and walking distances
• Interactive boundary and location maps

Boundary Analysis©

• Boundary creation and modification (District, School, Trustee Areas, other)
• Based on Student and Census Data
• Includes Student Projections based on development


• General and Special Education Transportation
• Analyze busing eligibility and capacities
• Calculate distances (stops and schools)
• Build Routes
• Add Bus Stops
• Setup busing fees
• Collect Fees
• Reports
• Route and location maps

Data Search


• View district and school data by address cross street
• View parcel information by address or APN
• View other data by address or cross streets
• Boundary and location maps

Find Your School©

• Designed for district websites to view district and school data by address cross street

Find Your Parcel©

• Designed for district websites to view parcel information
• Possible CFD and mitigation fees, etc.